Creating a page or post from submissions is a useful way to allow any user to create pages directly in the front end. Or you could create a page template (for example one to show recipes). And then just submit another entry, this way the plugin will automatically create a new page or post for that entry using the format that you created.

To create a page or post from a WPForms submission do the following:

1.- Go to Page Builder for WPForms and click on “Create new template”

2.- Go to the “Entry to post” and create a new blank template

3.- Design your template using the layout that you want, you can add charts, field information, images etc. For more information on what you can do check this tutorial

4.- Go to Settings and configure the page settings. In this section, you can configure the characteristics of the page that is going to be created.

Enable: Check this box to make the plugin start creating pages/post when the form is submitted

Post Title: The title of the post, it supports smart tags so you could include information about the entry in the title

Post Status: The initial status of the page/post. It can be Draft, Publish, Pending, or Private.

Post Type: The type of the page that is going to be created, it could be page, post or any custom post type that you have

Category: The category assigned to this page

Tags: The tags assigned to the page

Featured Image: Use a file upload field to upload the feature image of the post.

That’s it. After doing this configuration a page or post will be created when a form is submitted.